Havana Hills is superbly sited on a hill 18 km north of Cape Town. The stunning south slopes are kept continuously cool from the influence of the cold Atlantic Ocean less than 8 km away. Coupled to this the ancient shale stone soils form an ideal environment to anchor the vines and olives.

The majestic view of Table Mountain, Robben Island and the Atlantic Ocean leaves all visitors inspired by the beauty. Here the classic noble varieties are all grown with the utmost care and attention. Only natural organic compost is used for fertilization.

The Cellar is modern with state of the art equipment to ensure hygiene and strict quality control. However time honored traditional methods of oak cask ageing is maintained to ensure that the delicate flavours and deep rich mouth feel leaves the connoisseur with a sense of the timeless beauty which is Havana Hills.

The wine estate is almost 300 hectares, 65 hectares is planted with red and white grape varieties and 20 hectares with olives.

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